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What is Business Loan

A business loan is a kind of financing you can avail to meet the urgent needs of your growing business.

  • It gives you access to credit that can be paid back over an agreed time along with the interest, without any security against it.
  • A business loan is debt that the company is obligated to repay according to the loan’s terms and condition.

Purpose of Business Loan

Business Loan can be availed for all business purpose like working capital requirement, purchasing of fixed assets, capacity expansion/ modernization, technology up-gradation, Research and Development or any other short-term requirement.

Loan Amount and Eligibility

The loan amount will depend on profit and years of business and cash flow Eligibility for business loan will vary from bank to bank and will depend on various factors. Your ability to repay the loan will be verified by the bank on the basis of your line of business, profitability, financial statements, etc.

Benefits of business loan

Accessible and Convenient: As per convenience promoters offers different repayment options. They may work out a repayment plan as per the business cash flows to avoid facing financial difficulties while servicing the loan.

Flexibility: According to the requirement of the fund different types, the owner avails the loan.

No Collateral Required: No income or collateral documents need to submit to avail the loan.

Short term option: This meets their requirements to fill a short-term financial gap.

Competitive Interest Rates: Grow your business with a smarter business loan.

Process to apply business loan

Documents Required for Business loan

The documents needed to get a business loan from a traditional bank depend on several factors

  • Your Business Plan
  • Your Personal Credit Report
  • Your Business’ Credit Report
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Financial Statements
  • Bank Statements
  • Documentation of Collateral

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